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Lower Selang Khola Hydropower Project (1.475 MW)

Lower Selang Khola Hydroelectric Project (LSKHEP) uses water from Selang Khola , a tributary of Balephi khola. Sabha khola separates Golche VDC and Selang VDC. Golche VDC. Diversion project components of LSKHEP are located along the left bank of Selang Khola within Golche of Sindhupalchowk district of Bagmati zone in Central Development Region (CDR) of Nepal. The headworks site is located at about 200 m downstream from the confluence of Selang Khola and Kalayang balayang Khola at Pandhu of Golche ward no 9 and Selang VDC at the other side. The approach canal, headrace, and penstock alignment will run along the left bank of Selang Khola in Golche VDC. Water from trench intake is carried to gravel trap, 6 m long approach canal and then to desander cum forebay. 1504 m long penstock pipe will carry design discharge to powerhouse and finally water is released to Selang khola through 118 m long rectangular canal i.e. tailrace. The proposed powerhouse site is located at the left bank of Selang Khola near Dunde of Golche VDC, Ward No.9. The geographic co-ordinates of the project area is given below:
• Latitude : 270 51′ 11″N to 270 52′ 00″N
• Longitude : 850 44′ 05″ E to 850 45′ 00″ E

  • General:
    Name of Project: Lower Selang Khola SHPP
    River: Selang Khola
    Type of Scheme: Run-of-River
    Installed Capacity: 1.475 MW

    Development Region: Central
    Zone: Bagmati
    District: Sindhupalchok
    VDC : Golche and Selang VDC
    Latitude: 27o 51' 11"N to 27o 52' 00"N
    Longitude: 85o 44' 05" E to 85o 45' 00" E

    Catchment Area: 18 km2
    Design Discharge (Q40) : 1.15 m3/s
    Probability of exceedence: 40%
    Minimum Flow: 0.380 m3/s
    Riparian release: 0.038 m3/s
    Design Flood (1 in 100 years): 65.63 m3/s
    Design Flood (1 in 200 years) : 72.76 m3/s

    Weir Type: Free flow type gravity diversion structure (Ogee type) associated with Tyrolean intake.
    Weir Crest Elevation: 1179.35 m
    Length: 15.21 m
    Height : 0.48 m above natural bed
    Top width: 2.29 m

    Intake Type: Trench Type (Bottom Intake)
    Openings : 1 x 0.61 m clear (Single)
    Intake invert level: 1177.47 m
    Gravel Trap:
    Type: Concrete lined trapezoidal open chamber behind just after intake
    Effective Size: 8.25m × 2.5 m ×1.6 m
    Approach Canal:
    Type: Rectangular concrete lined canal
    Length: 16 m
    Bed Slope: 1:500
    Size: 1.65 m × 1.05 m
    Desanding Basin cum Forebay:
    Type: Surface , Continuous Flushing type
    Effective Size: 38.7 m × 6.6 m × 5.3 m
    Nominal size of trapped particle: 2 mm
    No of bay: 2
    Flushing: Gated pipe
    Waterway and Penstock:
    Type: Buried/surface steel pipe
    Length: 1504 m
    Diameter: 0.9 m
    Power House:
    Type: Surface with compact machine layout
    Dimension of Machine Bay: 18 m ×11.50 m × 9.6 m
    Dimensions of Control Bay: 6.5 m × 5.0 m × 4.5 m
    Switchyard: Outdoor Type 25 × 40 m
    Tailrace Canal:
    Type: Open canal with stone masonry
    Length: 118 m
    Dimension: 1.5 m × 1.5 m
    Tailrace Outlet Water Level: 1014.53 m
    Slope: 1:1000
    Number of Units 2
    Type of Turbine: Pelton
    Shaft Arrangement: Horizontal
    Rated Discharge for each turbine: 0.575 m3/s
    Turbine axis level: 1017.88 m
    Gross Head: 161.47 m
    Net Head: 154 m – 156 m
    Rated Output for each unit: 750 kW
    Rated speed: 750 rpm
    Rated Efficiency: 90%
    Governor: Electronic with Hydraulic Actuators
    No of Units: 2
    Generator Type: 3 ph AC Synchronous
    Excitation: Brushless Excitation
    Power Factor: 0.8
    Layout: Horizontal directly coupled to turbine
    Rated Output: 1 MVA
    Rated Efficiency: 95%
    Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
    Generation Voltage: 6.6 kV
    Class: F; Star Connected
    Type: Step Up Outdoor Type, (ONAN)
    Nos. : 1
    Rated Capacity: 1875 kVA
    Number of Phases: 3 ph, 50 Hz
    Type of cooling: ONAN
    Voltage Levels : 6.6/33 kV
    Vector Group : YnD11
    Phase: 3Ø
    Frequency: 50 Hz
    Tap Changing Facility: ± 2.5 %
    Transmission Line & Grid Connection:
    Grid type: 33 kV transmission line joining Chautara s/s of NEA
    Length for grid connection: 8 km
    Transmission Voltage: 33 kV
    Type of Circuit: Single Circuit
    Line Conductor ACSR, DOG Conductor
    Road head : Balephi-Jalbire-Kumbeshower
    New Track to be Build 2.5 km to (internal road) and a seasonal river crossing
    Rated Capacities:
    Installed Capacity: 1475 kW
    Annual Energy Generation (Gross): 8.685 GWh
    Net Annual Energy: 8.24 GWh
    Dry Season Energy (4 months): 1.428 GWh
    Wet Season Energy (8 months): 6.822 GWh