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About Sushmit Energy

Sushmit Energy Pvt. Ltd is a leading hydropower project development company established with the aim of expanding hydro energy investment in Nepali market. We specialize in the development and management of hydro projects with the aim of cost-effective investment and high level of profit to the investors and the nation as well. We are continuously working for leading the hydro energy sectors and qualified us in investment engineering. We value the time, money and energy of our partners and guarantee the highest return possible.
Sushmit Energy is currently working on four hydropower projects aimed at generating 93+ MW of electricity upon its completion. Backed by energy, financial and hydro experts we can many any size of project and accomplish the desired results.


We envision to developing alternative and eco-friendly sources of energy by promoting people’s participation, investment and advanced technology where the value of shareholders are maximized and better wealth is created.
We will create the atmosphere of investment for the people and ensure value of their profit increment by way of:
suggesting best hydro product for investment opportunity;
managing the company and investment in professionally ;
selecting best product for investment; and
involving the partnership in the sphere of energy investment.

Overall objectives:

The overall objectives of Sushmit International is to be the hydropower production and investment experts which will ultimately provide its stakeholders a high value of shares and dignity to be associated with.

Specific objectives:

Conduct R&D for updating the information on identification and possibility of hydro and other energy
Promote the participation of people in investing on the development of hydropower projects in Nepal
Provide trainings to the human resource working on the development of energy projects
Invest capital, technology and technical knowhow on various hydro projects
Develop company as the energy expert of the nation