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Message from the Chairman

Sushil Pokharel



Dear Valued Investors

Warm Greetings!
It is my pleasure to come up with the valuable information of the company which will further increase the probability of participation and investment in joint venture. With this message I would like to focus untapped sectors of investment where anybody can come and start investing.
Endowed with the capacity of producing 43,000 MW, Nepal boasts considerable hydropower potential and will be instrumental in meeting the South Asian region’s rapidly growing demand for a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly sustainable energy. The perennial qualities of Nepal’s rivers and steep geographical declination provide ideal conditions for the development of hydropower projects throughout the nation. According to Department of Electricity Development, 1010 MW is being generated by hydropower plants across the country which means more than 90% of the country’s water resources are yet to be harnessed.

If all investors, individuals and the government coordinate to develop hydropower projects, the future of hydro energy in Nepal is brighter and profitable. Not only will it end the energy crisis but also play a pivotal role in generating revenue for the country as Nepal starts trading internationally.
Sushmit Energy is currently working on hydropower projects that will generate 93+ MW as soon as they are completed. – Four of them being – Magydi Khola Hydropower Project (57.3 MW), Kunban Khola Hydropower Project (24.78 MW), Myagdi Khola – B Hydropower Project (9.5 MW), Lower Selang Khola Hydropower Project (1.475 MW). We plan on generating 100 MW in the first five years which is going to be completed and an additional 500 MW in the next five years. Our team is working for a greater purpose that would both make Nepal prosperous and also maximize the wealth of our investors and shareholders concurrently.


Sushil Pokharel