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Kunaban Khola Hydropower Project (8.2 MW)

Kunban Khola Bydropower Project

Kunaban Khola is one of the major perennial tributaries of Myagdi Khola which is a tributary of Kali Gandaki river . The intake of Kunaban Khola Hydropower Project Scheme is located at Kunaban Kharka of Mudi V.D.C. Similarly, the power house also lies about 2 km u/s of Kunaban-Myagdi confluence. The headworks of the project can be connected with the road by constructing about 40 km road. Geographically, the project area is located in between the longitudes 83 °21′ 00”E to 83° 24’ 00” E and latitudes 28° 40′ 00”N to 28° 38’ 00” N. Headworks, Waterways and Power house structures are proposed at the right bank of the river.

  • Project Location: Mudi V.D.C., Myagdi District
    Latitude: 28°40’00”N to 28°38’00” N
    Longitude: 83°21’00”E to 83°24’00”
    Name of the River: Kunaban Khola
    Type of power Generation: Run-off River
    Catchment Area at Intake: 50 Km2
    Gross Head: 650 m
    Design Discharge: 1.64 cumecs
    Water way Length: 5250m
    Installed Capacity: 8.20 MW
    Average Annual Energy: 51.05 GWh
    Transmission Line: 45 Km
    Access Road: 20 Km